Wednesday, 8 October 2014

My New Creation!

Hi everyone! I can't believe that this blog still have visitors, first of all, thanks for being a loyal reader even though I haven't update it for a long time. There's a lot of things happen during these 3 years. Its 2015 already, actually I still love to do all the crafting things but just don't have the right time to do it. But now I try to manage my time and I hope I can continue this hobby.. If you like to have a look, more pictures in my new blog. I'll see you there!

Monday, 28 November 2011

Learn To Sew Online

Sewing is the madness of some women. If you want to learn the art of sewing, go for it. Or if you already have a sewing machine at home, what if you start again. Search for sewing class is not difficult really. The important thing is your determination to start and high motivation to continue your efforts. If you already started your sewing class, go ahead. What if not? Do not know where to start or your house away from the sewing classes. Actually I hate sewing because sewing requires a high tolerance. I quickly tired of that kind actually. Hehe.. But everything changed when I accidentally saw a woman on how she make money by simply sewing on television. Since then, I started searching the Internet about sewing. I do not like sewing big things like clothes and quilts so I'm more of a sewing bags, pencil case and wrislets for easier and faster completion. Learn to sew online is easy, for those who just starting out, I list down here a few websites for you to choose which one you like. Sew shirts, pants, bags, aprons, or bed sheets/quilts? Youtube is also a good source to learn sew, just type the words and the tutorial are there. Information will be available. Good Luck readers! So, Are you ready to sew.  Let Start;-)........
Bag and purse: 

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Link Exchange..

Being a working women and bag makers at the same time sometimes makes me tired. Just finish examination week at school. I'm a bit busy checking all the exam paper this week, so I need to stop sewing for a little while. Still have 2 more days before school holidays, and I'll free to continue sewing my bags again.;-) If anyone of you want to exchange link or just want to say hi, you are free to email me. Have a great day! ;-)

Friday, 13 May 2011

On Sale Designer Fabrics

I'm a fan of designer fabrics. Michael Miller and Amy Butler are my favourite designer. I just like their cotton prints because they are so beautiful and cute. Yesterday I want to post about this On Sale designer fabrics, but I just can't sign in into my blog account. I already buy some fabrics from them, and waiting for the fabrics to reached my address. (Still need 3 weeks huh..). Lots of floral prints, fairies, solid cotton, polka dots and other prints available here. To all the fabrics fans out there. Check this out! 

On sale Designer Fabrics

I still looking for Japanese fabrics online, but it's not easy to find local Japanese online shop since their website written in Japanese language. I can't read Japanese, And most of the online shop do not sell internationally. ;-(

It's Saturday again.. Hehe.. still finishing my bags at home.. I will post the picture once I finish sewing it. See ya!

Monday, 9 May 2011

Reversible Bag Pink Butterfly + Purple Fairies

Right at 3:00 p.m I reached my home. I take a break and lunch. (Lunch at 3.00? Ya, it is normal for me) It's difficult for me to have lunch because my class is always at noon.After finish my food, I take a break a little while and continue sewing my bag. Although tired, but I think sewing is therapy for me to get rid of stress. I sew the bag yesterday, but I did not manage to complete the button. So today I set up the button, and finally the bag is complete. Another cute reversible bag for everyday use. Yeah! This is the result. Hope you like it! To all the readers..  Have a great day;)


                           Which one is your favourite? Purple fairies or pink butterflies? It's up to you..                                                                            

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Purple Fairy Wristlet

I love Saturday! I'm not working today, so I have time to sew bags again. Today I sew a wristlet that my friend ask me to. So, to all the readers out there, I share my tutorial on how to make this cute wristlet. Hope you love this tutorial and try to make your own wristlet ya;) Please click on Tutorial Page to view more picture and instructions. Happy viewing!

Sold out 

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Welcome to Dazzling Violet;-)

Dazzling Violet are selling  handmade things like small bags, pencil box, wristlet, handbags and many more. If you like unique and creative things, handmade and crafts is for you! All items are ready made and limited. Too all my friends and customers out there who already buy my works, thanks for your support. If you like my work, grab it now before it's too late ya!Last but not least... Enjoy!!!

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